Our employees are an invaluable asset to our Group and are the key contributors to our growth. We believe that continuing education and training are necessary in upgrading the skills and proficiency of our employees in order to achieve higher safety standards and quality of work. Towards this end, we constantly carry out on-the-job internal training and enrol our employees in external training courses.

Various types of trainings are targeted at different employees according to their job scopes and functions. Our aim is for our employees to be trained in basic product knowledge and technical skills, as well as to be aware of the relevant statutory requirements and building regulations and the latest industry developments. We also place emphasis on training programmes which ensure that our employees are updated on the latest safety regulations and other industry developments relating to our operations. We engage mainly skilled workers for our construction projects and all workers, skilled and unskilled, are required to attend the safety orientation course conducted by the MOM (“Safety Orientation Course”) before their induction on site. Thereafter, the workers are provided with on-the-job training in accordance with their specific responsibilities and areas of work under the care and supervision of experienced foremen and supervisors. The training courses that we enrol our employees in include:

  • Safety courses
  • Quality courses
  • Personal upgrading courses

To sharpen the construction and business management skills and knowledge of our supervisory staff and senior executives, they are sent for external training courses and seminars on operations supervision, management development and various external courses such as machinery training courses, construction safety and workplace safety courses, construction project planning and scheduling courses and risk management courses.

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